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Gifted Handz

Beauty and skincare products.

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Vitamin Setting Mist

This setting mist gives the skin a refreshing moisture boost, hydrates, preps, and smoothens the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. The mist keeps the face fresh all day long.
$7.00 excl tax

Pink Lip Stick

This vibrant pink lipstick creates the perfect pop of color when mixed with another lip color. It also has a moisturizing effect that stays on for hours.
$1.67 excl tax

Kiss Kiss Matte Lipstick

$6.60 excl tax

Eyebrow Pencil

Create lips that are perfectly defined and effortlessly blended with this purple waterproof lip color. 4 choices of colors
$2.67 excl tax

Eyebrow Fix

Want fuller-looking brows that will last all day? Use the brow fix to align your brows before and after defining your eyebrows
$4.92 excl tax

Retractable Eye Liner

Looking to give your eye a pop of color, this pencil is your go-to, it has a fine texture, that gives your eyes neat and long-lasting wear.
$3.67 excl tax